Support Center

A Unique Model

Eracent invests in their clients so that customer service achieves the goal of 100% successful implementations. We meet that goal by including all pre-deployment and deployment services in the software license fee (excluding T&E). Post deployment services are covered under the standard software warranty and are then continued as part of Eracent’s standard maintenance contract.

Knowing the Customer

At Eracent, the Customer Support Department is a services-oriented group, dedicated to successful implementations and long-term use of the Eracent product suite. During the decision phase, the customer support team will meet and discuss the unique IT asset management needs for the prospective customer. A Deployment Plan is developed, based on discussions with the appropriate people within the prospective customer’s organization. The plan includes server configurations, required data interfaces, data feeds, specialized report formats, definition of user defined fields, and a deployment timeline for all Eracent solutions purchased. Training schedules, and support requirements complete the blueprint to implement the full deployment.

The Eracent solution is deployed only after all parties are satisfied with the implementation plan and timeframes.

Beyond the Installation

Following the successful deployment of the Eracent solution, the same customer support team that worked on the installation continues to have responsibility for ongoing support. They use remote access directly into the enterprise network and on-site visits to provide services such as:

  • Serving as the point of contact with customers on technical issues, including status of resolutions
  • Interfacing with customer personnel as necessary
  • Providing on-site and phone training of Eracent technology as requested by the customer
  • Working with the customer team to install upgrades and new releases of the Eracent software
  • Troubleshooting customer problems via telephone and on-site
  • Serving as the customer advocate for new enhancements

Eracent professionals maintain an ongoing relationship with their customers through regular, proactive, personal contact.

Eracent’s commitment to customer service, before, during and after implementation ensures that our clients’ expectations will be fully met.
With 100% successful implementations and high customer retention, Eracent is an excellent choice for any organization seeking accurate, thorough and efficient management of the business of IT. To discover what Eracent can do for you contact us at for more information.