Automated SAM Solutions
That Optimize Licenses &
Reduce Costs

Manage software and software licences across cloud, datacenter, server,
desktop & mobile platforms


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Complete Hardware Asset
Management That Other
SAM Tools Can't Provide.

Detailed tracking of physical attributes, ownership and usage details, IMACs, disposition, contracts and financials for another dimension of cost savings and efficiency.

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Tools That Assure ITAM Success

Eracent provides a comprehensive sku-based library of software and hardware details in IT-Pedia™.

The AppStore Plus™ Portal enables employee self-service, automates requests and approvals, and shortens time to fulfillment.

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Eracent will be the Platinum sponsor for the Fall 2017 IAITAM ACE conference to be held in Rome on 13-14 September.
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See how Eracent helps automate complex Oracle license management.

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