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    Real Time IT process discovery, data management and analysis technology defines Meaning Based ITAM™

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    Meaning Based ITAM™ data enables Real-Time analysis. management, action and remediation.

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    The network is everything. Get understanding, order, control in Real-Time. Manage the data, manage the network.

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    Eracent's cloud based process provides the functionality of a client hosted process without the need for client managed servers

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  • IT Management Center
  • Secure Baseline
  • Lifecycle Management
  • Self Service Portal
  • License Management

Real-Time Network Management is the goal.   Real-Time End Point Management is the process. Eracent’s IT Management Center™ (ITMC™) is the gateway to Eracent's Meaning Based ITAM™ process. The modular ITMC™ suite is designed to provide one click access to solutions, reports, analysis, trending and dashboards. The ITMC™ suite also provides hardware control, software deployment and software broadcasting processes. The solutions are based upon the concept of total network IT data, information and process management utilizing real time and historical network information.

Eracent’s IT Management Center™ (ITMC™)  centers on the creation of the Meaning Based ITAM™ database. This database receives data from the cross-platform discovery of physical, virtual, BYOD, IoT and cloud environments, plus software and server utilization measurement, complete asset lifecycle data, and software license management and reconciliation data. The Eracent processes provide detailed inventory data of all physical and virtual machines, virtual processors, network devices, cloud services and more. It provides software discovery and identification with a level of accuracy and completeness that no operationally-focused tool can match. ITMC Discovery includes a knowledge base of over 600,000 business applications and versions, which is updated daily. It includes many pre-populated attributes including publisher-provided SKU data.

Through Meaning-Based ITAM™   the CIO can make confident and effective decisions involving the organization's network and asset base, supported by an unsurpassed level of current and historical data. ITMC's real-time network data, software utilization details and asset lifecycle information supports multiple ITAM and SAM programs and processes, including:

            • Software-based Infrastructure Cyber Security
            • Software License Management and Optimization
            • Employee Self-Service
            • Process Automation
            • Standards Management Service Management
            • Cost Reduction


For more information please contact your account manager.

The Eracent Secure Baseline application provides a powerful software and hardware security control process.  The Meaning Based IT™ application provides a Real Time software and hardware control process that is designed to identify and remove rogue and modified software.  The process is designed for organizations charged with providing financial, defense, energy, health care and other critical systems better protection  from cyber attack.  The application provides an increased level of protection for information and physical assets.  Developed within highly secure environments, the process has the unique ability to identify in real time modified software and hardware, alerting security violations through the ITMC™ and manage a real time response.  


Information about this process is available upon request from your Eracent account manager.


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Eracent’s IT Management Center™ (ITMC) Lifecycle: Eracent's ITMC Lifecycle provides complete lifecycle management for all IT assets within an enterprise. Servers, desktops and laptops, software licenses, mobile devices, network equipment and more can be proactively managed in ITMC Lifecycle from planning and acquisition through retirement, whether these assets are discover-able or not. ITMC Lifecycle enables organizations to track the physical, contractual, financial and relational aspects of the complete asset base, resulting in a true “system of record” that can be used to manage many ITAM and SAM processes and make optimal use of every IT asset in the organization. .

Learn more at Enterprise Asset Management (EAM).


The Eracent ITMC Self-Service Portal allows employee self-service purchases through a standardized Catalog of approved hardware devices and software products. The versions can be maintained and tailored to meet an organization’s unique needs. This catalog is the foundation for the ITMC Self-Service Portal, which provides app store-type functionality to employees throughout an organization. Users may search for and select items from the catalog or request other items. They can be presented with alternate, lower-cost options or items that are already in stock, and their requests can be automatically approved based on specific criteria. The Self-Service Portal can even facilitate automatic deployment of requested, approved applications via the ITMC Deployment agent, SCCM or other deployment tools.

ITMC Self-Service Portal

Eracent’s Software Optimization and Rationalization™ (SOAR™) process is unique. SOAR™ is an advanced software asset management and license management process with a process based optimization engine.  The process is based on identifying the actual software used within the environment.  Then defining the virtual, cloud and physical environment on which the software is used through discovery.  And automatically extracting license data from contracts and invoices.  The process then models the applications usage against the software license and use rights,   automatically resolving the optimum licensing options.

The Continuous License Reconciliation™ (CLR™) process is designed to assure that the organization is in continuous license compliance.  An organization working under this process is always in contractual compliance and always ready to meet any vendor audit.

Eracent's ability to achieve vendor specific licensing reports and summaries is extensive. Eracent presently adds specific licensing reports and summaries for:

  •     CLR™  for  Oracle
  •     CLR™  for  Microsoft and MS Cloud
  •     CLR™  for  VMware
  •     CLR™  for  Citrix
  •     CLR™  for  SAP
  •     CLR™  for  Adobe and Adobe Cloud
  •     CLR™  for  Individual Engineering Applications

The Eracent Continuous License Reconciliation™ (CLR™) for SCCM is an SCCM Add-on process that provides the full CLR™ Suite to SCCM.

The Eracent MBIT™ Software Optimization and Rationalization™ (SOAR™) process uses actual precise software inventory and software usage data across defined virtual and physical devices.   The results provide a "Single Source of Truth".  Proper software licensing management cannot be based on approximations, nor deduced from the application of flexible ad-hoc defined-as-you-need-them discovery rules.  Eracent does not approximate the software inventory.   A process defined by ad-hoc approximations results in over purchasing, software mis-management and cyber-security issues.

The Software License Reconciliation functionality of the ITMC™ streamlines the license management process and provides tremendous real cost savings.  Cost savings are based upon an accurate determination of the enterprise entitlement position as defined by the inventory, usage and purchasing records.  Discovered software installations are matched to license purchase records and software vendor licensing  algorithms are applied to provide Effective License Position reports for major enterprise vendors.

The ITMC™ Lifecycle process includes reconciliation for license types that transcend multiple publishers and products (e.g., Named User, Named Device, Per Processor, by function, RVU, PVU, processor, core).  the ITMC™ Lifecycle process also includes license types and algorithms that are specific to vendors (e.g., Oracle, optimization of SAP Professional licenses, and IBM PVUs and Sub Capacity).

Ultimately, all reconciliation processes must supply the same results based upon the actual enterprise software and hardware (virtual, cloud and physical) inventory.  What differentiates Eracent is that the Licensing is based upon real data and therefore the results are real and are accepted by the software publishers as a "System of Truth" and "Single Source of Truth".

Learn more at IT Management Center™: ITMC™ Lifecycle License Management.


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